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What's in our name?

The first baby in Button’s family was a baby chocolate labrador named for a famous bear.


This fur-baby became elder brother to Button in July 2016. Ever since then they have been inseparable – wherever Button is, Bear is. Nappy change in the nursery: Bear lies at Button’s mommy’s feet. Button’s nap time: Bear has a nap outside the nursery. Meal times: Bear lies under the high chair. Button’s toys are Bear’s favourite toys, and Bear’s toys are Button’s favourite.


The two are so close that a brand for Button could only exist if Bear was involved too :)

Baloo and Scarlett 2.jpg

How Button & Bear started

Button and Bear started as a project between a granny and a mommy and a baby: Button’s mom loved markets and local brands and was always on the look out for unique things for Button.


Button’s mom would often wish that the available products worked better, or rather looked different or that there was a locally made product in place of an expensive retail version. She would then enlist Button’s granny to make something unique for Button.


Button’s friends mom’s and even strangers began to admire some of the things Button’s granny had made for Button. And so Button and Bear was born, and Button’s mom became a Mompreneur.

Our  philosophy

Button and Bear has always had a philosophy of local sourcing and manufacture, creating opportunities in needy communities and collaborating with other small local businesses.

We believe that growth of South Africa's economy will be accelerated through small acts of kindness, through lifting each other up, through supporting small local business, women owned enterprises and individual local makers.

Button & Bear TRANSPARENT.png

Our  products

Our products are a collection of "momssentials"- every item designed to be both pretty and functional, making momming a little easier on you.

The range includes both handmade items and locally sourced collaborations and partnerships with brands that share a similar philosophy to us.

We are passionate about bringing you products that we have tried and tested and believe add both style and value to your momming journey.

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